Monday, November 17, 2008

Sky Eats Airplane - "Sky Eats Airplane"

Sky Eats Airplane defy classification. They combine crushing metalcore and varied electronica, including industrial, glitch and 8 bit video game sounds with jazz chord progressions and sing/scream vocals to create a new genre on their own. Formed in 2005 by vocalist Brack Cantrell and guitarist Lee Duck, they self released their first album. They received a lot of Myspace love but soon after, Cantrell left the band and Lee was forced to seek out a backing band and vocalist. Thus, Sky Eats Airplane views their second album, released on Equal Vision Records in July, as their first. Many of their Myspace fans had high expectations for this album, they definitely were not let down. Their self titled sophomore release is moody and atmospheric like the Deftones and heavy like Underoath, giving all types of metal fans something to hang their hat on.

"Long Walks On Short Bridges" changes directions many times within the song, it starts out brutal and pummeling before floating on shifting synths over top of clean and surprisingly poppy vocals, then ends with a heavy stuttering breakdown. The piano and electronics at the end of "Transparent" gives the record a big, epic feel that many of the contemporaries in their scene lack.
Sky Eats Airplane have created a musically deep album that reveals something new with every listen and erases the lines of classification to stand out amongst the rest.

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