Monday, November 10, 2008

Secret Dakota Ring - "Cantarell"

Secret Dakota Ring is the side project for Andy Ross of Ok Go. "Cantarell" is his second release under this moniker and for Serious Business Records. I am not sure why but, I've never really been a fan of the peppy power-pop of Ok Go. But Andy's songs with SDR are more to my liking. His use of whimsical string arrangements and horns remind me of The High Llamas. Secret Dakota Ring's debut, "Do Not Leave Baggage All The Way" was released in 2004 before he joined Ok Go, so the songs on "Canatrell" had time to stew and marinate into the pop confections they are now. Andy mixes mellow psychedelics, classic instrumentation, hand-claps, and layers of ultra-catchy melodies with his sweet unasuming voice, which reminds me of Sean Lennon.

Without gimmicky videos or radio airplay but by old fashioned word of mouth and blog love, Secret Dakota Ring sold out of their first release. And with songs as strong as "The Fade To Black", a Motown-like pop gem with fancy orchestration and saccharine-sweet harmonies, look for Secret Dakota Ring to repeat that feat once again. Get your copy of "Cantarell" before they are gone!

Download "The Fade To Black" here:

To order the album go here:
For more info and mp3s of songs from "Do Not Leave Baggage All the Way" go here:


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