Monday, November 03, 2008

Past Lives - "Strange Symmetry"

Past Lives gives new life to Morgan, Mark and Jordan, 3 of the 5 members of The Blood Brothers (Cody and Johnny formed Jaguar Love) after their break up last year. Devin, an ex member of Shoplifting, rounds out the band. "Strange Symmetry" their debut EP will be released 11/4 on Suicide Squeeze Records and was produced by Dann Gallucci of Modest Mouse and Murder City Devils fame. The name Past Lives is fitting, because they have kept most of the frenetic but melodic, spazzed-out noise punk from The Blood Brothers catalog, save for Johnny's "love it or hate it" vocal style. The title track is built on a tightly wound groove and layered with razor sharp guitars and Jordan's distinct vocals.

Sometimes it is upsetting when one of your favorite bands dissolves but when their new projects are just as exciting and interesting as the former band, it's not a letdown. Check out their EP tomorrow and stay tuned for the full length and tour.
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