Thursday, October 23, 2008

These Arms Are Snakes - "Tail Swallower And Dove"

Suicide Squeeze Records has released the new These Arms Are Snakes album, "Tail Swallower And Dove". Just like the wolves on the cover, the new album is ferocious and powerful and proves to be the tightest and most focused of their three albums. Even after touring with bands like Pelican, much of the atmospherics of the last album, "Easter", are kept in check; being replaced with a propelling groove that drives the songs with minimal synth parts and vocal tricks. Their sound remains as abrasive and raw as ever and Steve Snere's vocals are both relentless and emotional.

I have always likened These Arms Are Snakes to The Blood Brothers because of their sonic similarities, except for the vocals, of course. With the disbandment of The Blood Brothers, TAAS remain as the lone torch bearers for the post-hardcore, math-rock scene, as they have since they were members of Botch and Kill Sadie.
The monstrous, "Red Line Season", and it's higher pitched background screams give a nod to The Blood Brothers, possibly as a tribute. The jittery opening track, "Woolen Heirs", buzzes like Steady Diet-era Fugazi. "Ethric Double" and the album closer, "Briggs" are more textural and longer in length, providing some space to the rest of the album's straight-forward fury.
These Arms Are Snakes have created an engaging, tight and furious album that will find it's way onto many year end top ten lists, including mine.

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