Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Status - "So This Is Progress"

"So This Is Progress" is the debut album from The Status, recently released by Doghouse Records. The Status is from Atlanta but are clearly influenced by the Long Island, NY sound. Friend and band manager, Anthony Raneri of Bayside makes a guest appearance on a track as does Adam Lazzarra of Taking Back Sunday. Similar to those two bands, The Status possess a tight and moody melodic indie rock sound with emotional vocals and introspective lyrics. The theme of searching for progress in your love life and in your abilities propels "So This Is Progress" and gives it a positive outlook not always adhered to in the "woe is me" emo rock scene.
The title track, "So This Is Progress" the song Anthony of Bayside appears on, undeniably rivals Bayside's most poppiest moments. "Why Are You So Sad" has a chugging guitar riff and an instantly catchy soaring chorus. While "Perfect Day" which first appeared on their self released EP, is the most radio friendly track and has already garnered airplay on 99X in Atlanta even before they were signed.
The Status are out on tour now with Bayside converting new fans and making new friends. Check out for tour dates and to order the album.
Check out their purevolume page to stream the whole album here:


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