Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Koufax - "Strugglers"

Doghouse Records released "Strugglers", the long awaited new Koufax record last week. Only one member from the original lineup remains, vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Robert Suchan, but his voice and "every-man" stories make Koufax what it is. Recruiting some friends to help record for this new record, including Dustin and John from White Whale, Koufax has both added and subtracted from their signature sound. For the new record, they have subtracted the pianos and synths just a little and have added some sleazy horns to the mix. The horns were played by enigmatic free-jazz legend Mark Southerland who made them himself.
Much of the biting political wit from their last release returns (see "Blind Faith" and "Colour Us Canadian") but is cloaked in the black humor Robert picked up from living in the Czech Republic and viewing the U.S. as an outsider. Even the title of the record, "Strugglers" is a nod to the economic landscape. Don't worry, the album is not a downer there are plenty of songs about the effects of partying too hard, like on "Drivers".
Koufax has returned with yet another great record of indie-pop that will please old fans (yours truly) and attract new ones.
Download "Any Moment Now" here:
You can stream "Strugglers" at their purevolume page here:
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