Monday, October 27, 2008

It's A Musical - "The Music Makes Me Sick"

On October 28th, Berlin's Morr Music will release, "The Music Makes Me Sick", the full length debut from Sweden's It's A Musical. Ella Blixt and Robert Kretzschmar create fun and colorful indie pop with keyboards, drums and dual vocals, similar to early Mates Of State. As their name suggests; horns, vibraphones, winds and embracing harmonies flesh out the sound and give some of the songs a sincere, show tunes quality.

"Pain Song" and its joyful horns, open the album with a giddy sing along, ironically asking, "Why is it so hard to come up with some art?" because they make it seem so easy. I have left this song on repeat for days. "Ball Of Joy" sounds exactly like it's title, loading the front half of the album with more immediate and upbeat songs and allowing for a more melancholy and introspective second half. "Bad Day" sounds like St. Etienne and Stereolab met in a coffee shop for a quick chat about their day. I am not a doctor but I am sure that "The Music Makes Me Sick" will not make you sick, in fact, It's A Musical's infectious indie pop might even make you feel better. So give it a shot!

Download "Bad Day" here:

Hear and see more here: and´s%20a%20Musical

Also check out Ella's other project Bobby & Blumm:


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