Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Dears - "Missiles"

They say life imitates art but in this case, art imitates life. The Dears have been through as much drama in the last two years as their music conjures up. Creative differences led to the departure of every band member except for Dears founder Murray Lightburn and wife, Natalia Yanchak and the search for a new label provided the drama...and The Dears delivered the soundtrack.

Following the stripped down "Gang Of Losers"; their first release for Dangerbird Records, "Missiles", is a return to form. Their dramatic post-apocalyptic orchestral rock includes everything from a children's choir on the eleven minute closer, "Saviour", to 70's style Santana-like guitar solos, and the smooth saxophone that provides the intro to the opener, "Disclaimer"; making for an engaging listen even without flashy choruses. "Missiles" sounds like a sonic cousin to OK Computer-era Radiohead, TV On The Radio and even Stars and Arcade Fire. Written and played by only Murray and Natalia and a few skilled session musicians, "Missiles" is an atmospheric album of grandiose sonic rock that will grow on you more with every listen.

To hear the first single, "Money Babies" click here:

To see the video click here:

To win your own copy of "Missiles", just send an email to: One winner will be selected at random on October 30th. Good luck and thanks for reading!


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