Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Populous - "Drawn In Basic"

Usually, I am not a huge electronic music fan. I really don't have an explanation. Every once in a while, something will get my attention. The last CD to do that was M83's "Saturdays = Youth." And now the latest is, "Drawn In Basic" by Populous with Short Stories. I like the My Bloody Valentine-shoegaze haze and 80's feel throughout. Populous is the recording moniker for Andrea Mangia, who incorporates the warm sounds of the synth with the feedback of "shoegaze" to create some interesting indiepop/disco. MC Short Stories (Michael McGuire) contributes the gloomy lyrics and vocals to provide an analog heart to the digital body.
Check out the song, "Only Hope" here: "Drawn In Basic" will be released 9/30/08 on Morr Records.
To hear and see Morr click here: and


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