Monday, September 29, 2008

31Knots - "Worried Well"

There really isn't much that I can say about 31Knots that hasn't been said before. But their new album, "Worried Well" could be considered the perfect soundtrack to today's confusing times. With their own brand of eccentric, frenetic post-rock and Joe Haege's vocals-reminiscent of a deranged carnival barker, 31Knots gives this year a voice. Although the lyrics to 31Knots songs are usually oblique; "Compass Commands" sounds like an anti-war party complete with a call and response bridge with female background singers answering: "kill or be killed" when asked about "the universal rule of thumb". For all of the dissonance and disjointedness of the music, there is always something- either a vocal melody, or jumpy piano line, for example- that catches your ear and gives the song some pop sensibility. I cannot stop listening to "Compass Commands" you can not stop listening to it here:
To order "Worried Well" go here:


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