Thursday, August 28, 2008

White Lies - "Unfinished Business"

I am sure London band, White Lies, will be hyped as the "next best thing" by all of the UK press when their debut album is released in January. Most of the time that hype fails translate to sales in the States. I think White Lies will be successful with their moody, brooding, but still poppy sound; like Interpol with the pop influence of The Killers and Tears For Fears.
They have already received some blog love for the Crystal Castles remix of their song, "Death." Download it out here:
They are young and already exuding the ambition and talent of a mature band. Their debut will be produced by Ed Buller (Pulp, Suede) and mixed by Alan Moulder (The Killers, My Bloody Valentine). White Lies' music like their name, sounds..."pure but it also sounds tainted and has a dark undercurrent...", drummer, Jack Brown explains.
"Death", the first single, is available 9/22 on Geffen Records.
You can stream the track "Unfinished Business" here:


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