Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Saturday Knights - "Mingle"

MingleThe Saturday Knights
"Dog Park" (mp3)
from "Mingle"
(Light In The Attic)

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Sometimes it is fun discovering a band late. Just last week I bought The Saturday Knights' debut self-titled ep, released last Spring. And today, their full-length, "Mingle" is released on Light In The Attic Records.
The Saturday Knights, an eclectic indie/hip-hop group from Seattle have been gaining steam since they had an underground hit with "45". They've played with Death Cab For Cutie and the Streets. They even enlist friends from the Seattle area to "Mingle" on their new cd. Kim Thayil, from Soundgarden plays some guitar and legendary Nirvana producer, Jack Endino played the drums on a track.
The big beats, punk-soul, vintage rock and funny, witty rhymes makes this a great Summer record. Check out the single, "Dog Park" and then go here to buy "Mingle":


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