Wednesday, June 04, 2008

New music from The Anniversary!

Five years after their breakup, The Anniversary will release, "Devil On Our Side" a rarities and B-sides compilation on June 24th. This collection includes 26 tracks, spanning the band's entire career.
Highlights include early demos, compilation and 7" singles, and over a dozen previously unreleased tracks, including 2 songs intended for the never completed 3rd album.
Most of the time these post-breakup collections seem to be just a cash-in and include a bunch of junk only super fans would want just to complete their collection. Well...this may or may not be the case with "Devil On Our Side" but I was sad when The Anniversary broke up and I have followed each member's solo work since. I am excited to hear the unreleased songs...and complete my collection!

You can pre-order the new cd here:

To listen to the first song on the album, "Fletcher Durbin" go here:,,4700718,00.html

Or listen to "I Believe That The End oF The Reign Of Terror Is Soon Near" here: (link to

And for more info. on the solo projects of The Anniversary...
White Flight:
Only Children:


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