Saturday, June 07, 2008

Golden Animals - Free Your Mind And Win A Pony

I know what you are thinking..."Great, another White Stripes rip-off!" Sure the Golden Animals are a male/female, guitar and drums duo. And yes, there are some blues-rock riffs on their first full- length, "Free Your Mind And Win A Pony" but the focus of their sound is drenched in the psychedelic, paisley twang of 1970's AM radio dial. Imagine if the Doors recorded at the legendary Sun Records.
The first single, "Try On Me" sounds like a timeless mix of everything I like from the 70's, including a Creedence-like guitar riff and vocals like Jim Morrison. Like a study of American rock history without seeming like it is Karaoke night. Download "Try On Me" here: (right click to download)
"Free Your Mind And Win A Pony" will be released 07/01/08 on Happy Parts Recordings. To pre-order, go here:


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