Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Website of the...Month: justthedisc.com

At justthedisc.com, you can buy well...just the disc. No booklet or tray card or digipak is included. The price of a CD is $2.99 and the price of a DVD is $3.99. It is a great way to sample something different or to pick up something you have been wanting to check out, on the cheap. To me, the hard-core collector, I must have the artwork or it's not complete. But I have found some great music on this site. The other problem I see is that the disc alone holds no resale value. Unless, you trade it as an artless copy on www.lala.com (one of my previous Websites of the Week) http://atlasandtheanchor.blogspot.com/2008_03_01_archive.html
Check it out: www.justthedisc.com

New Saturday Knights - "Mingle"

MingleThe Saturday Knights
"Dog Park" (mp3)
from "Mingle"
(Light In The Attic)

More On This Album

Sometimes it is fun discovering a band late. Just last week I bought The Saturday Knights' debut self-titled ep, released last Spring. And today, their full-length, "Mingle" is released on Light In The Attic Records.
The Saturday Knights, an eclectic indie/hip-hop group from Seattle have been gaining steam since they had an underground hit with "45". They've played with Death Cab For Cutie and the Streets. They even enlist friends from the Seattle area to "Mingle" on their new cd. Kim Thayil, from Soundgarden plays some guitar and legendary Nirvana producer, Jack Endino played the drums on a track.
The big beats, punk-soul, vintage rock and funny, witty rhymes makes this a great Summer record. Check out the single, "Dog Park" and then go here to buy "Mingle":

Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Girl Talk - "Feed The Animals"

Just in time for your crazy weekend party! Girl Talk released, "Feed The Animals" today as a digital download. Using the "Radiohead" model, you can pay what you want for it. If you choose to keep the change, you filthy animal...then you have to fess up and tell Gregg why you paid nothing. Some of the choices are: I don't believe in paying for music, or I don't really like Girl Talk. At least he has a sense of humor.
Here is the tracklist: 01 "Play Your Part (Pt. 1)"02 "Shut The Club Down"03 "Still Here"04 "What It's All About"05 "Set It Off"06 "No Pause"07 "Like This"08 "Give Me A Beat"09 "Hands In The Air"10 "In Step"11 "Let Me See You"12 "Here's The Thing"13 "Don't Stop"14 "Play Your Part (Pt. 2)" Some of the samples include: "No Diggity", Kanye, Velvet Underground, um...Miley Cyrus, Postal Service and more eclectic pop favorites.
Head to Girl Talk's label, Illegal Art, to download:
Don't be a cheapskate! The physical cd will be released on 9/23 on Illegal Art Records.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Golden Animals - Free Your Mind And Win A Pony

I know what you are thinking..."Great, another White Stripes rip-off!" Sure the Golden Animals are a male/female, guitar and drums duo. And yes, there are some blues-rock riffs on their first full- length, "Free Your Mind And Win A Pony" but the focus of their sound is drenched in the psychedelic, paisley twang of 1970's AM radio dial. Imagine if the Doors recorded at the legendary Sun Records.
The first single, "Try On Me" sounds like a timeless mix of everything I like from the 70's, including a Creedence-like guitar riff and vocals like Jim Morrison. Like a study of American rock history without seeming like it is Karaoke night. Download "Try On Me" here: (right click to download) http://www.toolshed-media.com/ts/golden-animals-try-on-me.mp3
"Free Your Mind And Win A Pony" will be released 07/01/08 on Happy Parts Recordings. To pre-order, go here: http://www.happypartsrecordings.com/store.html

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

New music from The Anniversary!

Five years after their breakup, The Anniversary will release, "Devil On Our Side" a rarities and B-sides compilation on June 24th. This collection includes 26 tracks, spanning the band's entire career.
Highlights include early demos, compilation and 7" singles, and over a dozen previously unreleased tracks, including 2 songs intended for the never completed 3rd album.
Most of the time these post-breakup collections seem to be just a cash-in and include a bunch of junk only super fans would want just to complete their collection. Well...this may or may not be the case with "Devil On Our Side" but I was sad when The Anniversary broke up and I have followed each member's solo work since. I am excited to hear the unreleased songs...and complete my collection!

You can pre-order the new cd here: http://www.bluecollardistro.com/theanniversary/product_info.php?products_id=2551&cPath=600_601&store=

To listen to the first song on the album, "Fletcher Durbin" go here: http://artistdirect.com/nad/window/media/page/listen/0,,4700718,00.html

Or listen to "I Believe That The End oF The Reign Of Terror Is Soon Near" here: (link to bowsplusarrows.com) http://www.bowsplusarrows.com/The%20Anniversary%20-%20I%20Believe%20That%20The%20End%20Of%20The%20Reign%20Of%20Terror%20Is%20Soon%20Near.mp3

And for more info. on the solo projects of The Anniversary...
White Flight: http://www.rangeliferecords.com/listen/listen_WF.html
DRI: http://www.rangeliferecords.com/listen/listen_DRI.html
Only Children: www.myspace.com/theonlychildren