Thursday, May 15, 2008

Kyle Fischer (ex-Rainer Maria) New Solo Release

Kyle Fischer, from Rainer Maria, has finally released his second solo offering. It's called "Black Milk" and it is being offered as a free download or you can "kick him some dough." I suggest the the latter because it also features some great guests including, Mates of State, Mike Kinsella, and even his old band mate, Caithlin de Marrais. It is being released by Brooklyn's Endup Records and before you buy or not buy it, you can listen to the whole thing first!
Check it out here:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Atlas and The Anchor

Thanks so much for getting the word out about the Black Milk -

just wanted to submit the small correction that our End Up records is in fact Brooklyn-based, not from Chicago

hope you're well! keep it up


1:16 PM  

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