Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New CD: Julie Ocean - "long gone and nearly there"

I have been excited about this cd since I read about it last year when they just had songs posted on their Myspace. Now their debut, "Long Gone and Nearly There" will be released on the Transit Of Venus label on May 29th.

Julie Ocean, includes ex-members of Velocity Girl (remember them 90's alternative fans?), Glo-Worm, Severin and even as far back as the D.C. hardcore band Goverment Issue. With that in mind, this D.C. band really sounds nothing like their punk past, although they have created a sound that mixes The Shins' love of the 60's, The Undertones and The Jam from the 70's with the energy and spirit of The Decendents and Dag Nasty from the 80's. The second song on the album, "Number 1 Song" is a perfect example of this and a great introduction to this great new band. You can download the mp3 of "Number 1 Song" here: http://www.toolshed-media.com/ts/julie-ocean-1-song.mp3 (right click to download)

Hear more songs here: www.myspace.com/julieoceandc and then order their cd here: http://www.transitofvenusmusic.com/.


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