Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Benji Hughes on tour with Rilo Kiley

No, it's not Edgar Winter or his son. It's Benji Hughes and he is touring with Rilo Kiley. Benji proves that you can't judge a book by its cover. I would think his music would sound like the Allman Brothers or My Morning Jacket...but with his smooth and polished voice, it sounds more like Rufus Wainwright mixed with Prince and some humor. He is like Robert Pollard in that he is a very prolific songwriter. The mp3 below of "So Well" comes from the "A Little Extreme" (EP) out now on New West Records. They will also release the full 25 track album "A Love Extreme" on July 22nd.
Check him out on tour with Rilo Kiley or hear more from Benji here:
Download an mp3 of "So Well" here: (right click to download).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have heard the whole record and it is astonishing. I hear its coming out on Jully 22nd and I will be waiting in line to get a copy of it. Tight Tee Shirt,Girl and the Tower, All you gotta do is fall In Love are all wonderful songs. Benji is like Beck meeting Harry Nilson at a Flamming Lips show. There also happens to be a song about the flamming Lips as well. If you havent heard it go check it out at:

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