Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pronto - "All Is Golden"

Pronto is the side project of Wilco keyboardist/multi-instrumentalist Mikael Jorgensen. In between his duties with Wilco and nearly two years after it was recorded, Pronto has finally put the finishing touches on "All Is Golden" and it will be released on Contraphonic Records on March 10th, 2009. Recorded in Chicago with help from Matt Lux of Iron & Wine's touring band, Jim Becker of Califone and Greg O'Keeffe. Pronto involves an impressive cast of revolving members, which now includes, Mikael and O'Keeffe as well as Erik Paparazzi from Cat Power and Tunde Oyewole of Childballads.

Mikael and his band mates have created an engaging homage to AM radio and 70's-era rock, with "All Is Golden". Songs like "Precious Like A Sneer" sound like Randy Newman at his best and "Monster" has a power-pop crunch reminiscent of Cheap Trick or Todd Rundgren. "Listen Lover" bounces on a jangly, rattling riff over top of Mikael's wry, bittersweet vocals. The laid back harmonies and varied instrumentation of "When I'm On The Rocks" sounds like it has been beamed to the future from an AM radio dial circa 1976.

Fans of Wilco's last album, "Sky Blue Sky" will find similarities with Pronto's "All Is Golden", as both albums have an easy going, 70's lite rock feel. "All Is Golden" will be released on CD and digital download March 10th, 2009 on Contraphonic Records.

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